Sunday, April 13, 2014

Scammer Alert: wolfgirl901222

Heya jammers!
I got scammed today!!!
Out of my favoritest rainbow alligator plushie :,(
So, yeah, watch out for wolfgirl901222
She says the first person to send her a rare gets something on her uberrare list.
She lies.
She plays dumb by saying 'nobody sent me anything!'
So, yeah.
Report her for me, will ya?
thanks for listening to my poetry-form rambling!
Happy Jamming!!!
(don't get scammed by wolfgirl901222)

Friday, April 4, 2014


Sorry, haven't been posting.
Gosh I'm bad at this blogging stuff.
Today my giraffe came in the mail, and I'm happy. It's one of those beanie boo type thingalings.
Also, the Name Glitch is still acting up, like if i want an animal I can't make its name any better than 'Commander Strongeyes' or 'Princess Smellymajor'.... like, what?
I'm also superhappy that the claw machine now features Kangaroos. Been fishing about for one for  a while.. they're so darn adorable I can't help myself!
I also have too many plushies i don't want, send me a jam a gram that says 'geckos are great' or just say 'could i have a plushie' and I'll give you one.
Your welcome, in advance.
Make sure to check out my channel, singingsuperstaraj
Happy Jamming!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Name Game

Hiya, it's your favoritest, singingsuperstar.
Sorry I've not posted lately.
I've been jamming like a madman.
Has anyone else noticed the new animal name glitch? I sure have, and its getting annoying.
Apparently my bunny's name is Commander Strongeyes.
anyways, all for now!
Keep jammin!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fox Hats Are Coming Back? AJ WHIRLTEAM REPORTS

Fox hats, coming back from 2011? Most jammers would say no, but the AJ Whirlteam might have uncovered a possiblilty, that somehow these amazingly popular items would come back. After conversing with a friend (Enchanted) we were able to discover something: the possiblility of fox hats becoming a casual item once more is growing larger. When interveiwed, Enchanted said:
AJWT: "So, Enchanted, how did you find out about this amazing bit of information?"
Enchanted: "Well, I was on animal jam chat[ting]..... and one person said that fox hats were coming back."
AJWT: "How do you know this person was telling the truth?"
Enchanted: "I knew they were right."
AJWT: "Yes, but how?"
Enchented: "I knew they were right because it was in the guide."
Another questioning took place in Jamaa township, when while Knight Arcticwolf, faced with the question 'Are fox hats coming back' replied: "I don't know...." "But there are raccoon hats"
As for now, one thing can be determined: There is evidence and a clear possiblity that this rare item of clothing could return to Jam Mart Clothing Store, if for one day, one week, one month, one year... the possibilities are endless.

Friday, February 21, 2014

AJ Whirlteam Follow-Up: Non-Member Maladies

Hello, Jammers! This is luckypenny of the AJ Whirlteam following up on a case, opened just yesterday. Although this began as a simple complaint about the unfairness of the Diamond Shop and the new animals eagles, but this wee case has blossomed into very much more. As our team unfurls the events taking place underneath the happy-go-lucky patterns of Jamaa, there are deep secrets, covered up by friendly usernames and popular nonmember AND member jammers, such as the secret: That there is a little bit in us all that is frustrated with Smart Bomb Interactive, National Geographic, and Animal Jam.
After interveiwing a few more jammers, we've discovered that we must persist this case longer than usual. As we speak to more and more jammers, we unearth more and more opinions. In fact, one of those opinions, we've discovered is very interesting. To hide the identity of this jammer, we are using their first name: Precious.
AJWT "So, Precious, how is the non-member mistreatment affecting you as a faithful, die-hard jammer?"
P: "It's fine by me if I have onlookers, onlookers for my daddy's amazingness to pay for my membership and all my twenty diamonds. I can stand just fine for having less fortunate, as, of course, nonmembers are essential to the AJ community. They buy the memberships for Smart Bomb. Yet, they are merely  a pawn in the large Jamaa chess game, the members being the castles, knights, bishops, kings and queens."
AJWT: "It seems you have a very strong opinion on where you stand opposed to many others, do you have any comments to say to the Animal Jam Whirlteam?
P: "Well, I do, really, have lots to say. I believe that the amount of privilages nonmembers have are unruly! Members should have more, nonmembers less. That is exactly what Animal Jam is doing: taking away and giving. I am proud of how powerful and money-hungry they are growing! They are doing what every other online website is doing: making as much money as possible."
AJWT: "That is certainly somewhat reasonable, we suppose, but how do you think Animal Jam's popularity will change due to what you say is happening?"
P: "I think it's going to decreace, yet they'll still have a growing amount of money because their lines of merchandise will become very popular, for those even who have never heard of the website. I think Animal Jam is going down the right path to become a large, multi-media empire."

So, there you have it, jammers! That's the Whirlteam's report for today! Check back tomorrow to see if there is any more on this case, or possibly new. Remember, comment down below if you have a case you want the AJ Whirlteam to follow up on. For now, though, jammers, it's goodbye!

No Memberships :P

Okay, I was in the middle of joining the club when I backed out. I wasn't sure if I was going to stick with Animal Jam, and I freaked. I think I'll still get it, if my mom agrees. :P So, membership, here I come once more. LOLZ!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

AJ Whirlteam Reports!

Hey, everyone this is luckypenny from the AJ Whirlteam (posting on singingsuperstar's blogger, but don't worry, its me!)

This is just in!
According to most recent conversations, jammers are fed up with the new animal available for members only, and for ten diamonds in the diamond shop. Eagles.
"This is really crummy!" Complains msmarmosett to the AJ Whirlteam, "I wanted an eagle so badly! But now they're members only and in the diamond shop? Animal Jam has developed in a way that is cruel to some of its players! SO ANGRY!"
Many jammers seem to agree with msmarmosett, in fact, mushroomspots says:
"I thought the diamond shop, at first anyways, was just for the summer, that it would evolve than go away just to return again in another year. That is SO not the case, though! Animal Jam Headquarters honestly doesn't realize what they're doing to the jammers that can't afford to front five dollars per month on pixels."
Data collected does conclude that, although the popularity of Animal Jam is rising, it will fall as soon as children and parents grow tired of paying for things that are becoming less and less entertaining. They are driving off their nonmember players with all their member stuff. In fact, we did manage to get in contact with a parent under the username of twotoedtoad .
"My daughter has been here since the 'betta fish days'" He claims. "I've been monitoring her since then, and she seems to enjoy the website less and less. I know it is not because of her age, because she has friends on the site that she chats with all the time, but that is the only reason she plays anymore. She says the diamond shop is 'old', and that she was fine with Animal Jam the way it was.
More on this quickly developing story later.
AJ Whirlteam, over and out!